Precision Agriculture solution

GM PRO for an agriculture applications. When accuracy matters!

If you use the parallel driving system in your business, it is a precise GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo) receiver you cannot go without. The accuracy of the entire system depends on the capabilities of the satellite signals receiver used in work. GNSS GM PRO receiver has been specifically designed for the usage with parallel driving systems. No matter what system you choose, it can be a professional display, a smart phone or tablet with an installed program in it, GM PRO receiver will always provide the high accuracy for parallel guidance. You will be able to connect GM PRO to any display by means USB, RS232 or Bluetooth wireless technology connection. The receiver applies a special filtering and poor signal smoothing technology that provides accuracy at the level of not less than 15 cm from pass-to-pass.

GLIDEā„¢ Smooth Positioning GNSS Firmware

Novatel Inc. firmware

GLIDE for best guidance

GM PRO - is a professional level GNSS receiver, which is ideal for parallel guidance systems. GM PRO always configured with GLIDE option for agricultural guidance systems.

NovAtel's GLIDE technology offers superior pass-to-pass performance for agricultural guidance (with relative positioning). Users see significantly fewer positioning jumps and less than 1 cm position differences from one epoch to the next.

It is important to use a good GNSS receiver in agriculture, as it directly affects the accuracy of agricultural operations and the overall economic result. Parallel driving systems usage can save up to 35% of the expenditures connected with work processes. This happens definitely due to high accuracy of works.

How the satellite signal accuracy allows you to save up?

If the accuracy of agricultural work is provided by means of quality and accurate satellite signal, then savings of resources take place at each operation in the field. Just imagine how precisely your vehicle is moving in the field and how it reiterates the routes from pass to pass and the processing of plant with chemicals occurs exactly according to the calculated standards, the plants receive as many substances, as they need. You meticulously stand to exact norms, not allowing untreated plots and overspending materials to occur. All of this is provided by means of precise parallel guidance. You control the progress of work, and get the planned yield afield. Namely: from year to year, from season to season. By virtue of GNSS GM PRO receiver you will always achieve the best yield results.